The beaches on Mallorca are world class. They are one of the biggest draws to the island. From stunning beaches with a Tramuntana mountain backdrop to the turquoise coves and wild sandy beaches, there is something for everyone. With hundreds of beaches to choose from it can be hard to narrow down where to go. We interviewed local Mallorcan residents to compile the top 40 beaches on the island.  


Cala comtesa_edited.jpg

Photo by @margitviews

Cala Comtesa

Simply one of our favourites. Close to Palma, it can get quite crowded but it's all worth it once you arrive to a small sandy cove and further entry points to the sea heading west.

Portals Vells_edited_edited.jpg

Photo by ABC mallorca

Portals Vells

Beautiful and secluded cove with large and long rock formations perfect for throwing your towel down to soak up the sunshine. Not much parking so be early.

Costa de la Calma

Another beauty in the south west. Plenty of concrete terraces, sun beds and a small bar to make for an enjoyable day in the sun.

Cale den Monjo

A real hidden gem near Cala Fortells. You'll need to walk for about 10 minutes through a wooded area before arriving at a wild and beautiful little inlet. May encounter nudity.

Cala Cap Falco

Cap Falco is a great little narrow cove where you can park yourself on the small sandy beach or gran a spot out on the cliffs. The water is stunning and the restaurant is top notch also.

Cala d’Egos

Great option if you want to avoid crowds. It's rough and wild, giving an authentic beach experience. Not much by way of facilities but a stunning spot to take in.

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Sant Elm

Another long time favourite situated in the very far south west corner of the island. It's a beautiful village with a sandy beach and plenty of rock formations to discover further along the coast.

Cala en Basset

A wild and rocky cove awaits the adventurous. Located a few kms away from Sant Elm, its common for people to arrive by boat but for hikers it can also make a great day out.


Platja Port des Canonge_edited.jpg

Photo by @isabelrom

Platja Port des Canonge

A small and charming beach at the foot of the picturesque village. Marked by it's boathouses and authentic vibes, a beautiful hiking trail to Banyalbufar is a popular activity..

Cala deia_edited.jpg

Photo by @tom_barnich

Cala Deià

One of the most famous beaches on the island. Many brave the hairpin turns on the drive down from Deia to take in a beautiful little cala with a restaurant perched above the water a highlight.

Cala Llucalcari_edited.jpg

Photo by @tiff_cf

Cala Llucalcari

While most people head to Deia those in the know head to Lluclari for equally stunning vibes in a much calmer and quieter cove. Access and parking are harder to come by so do your research beforehand.

Platja den Repic

Relaxed spot down at Port de Soller. Not the prettiest beach you'll find on Mallorca but a nice atmosphere with plenty to do around the surrounding port.

Cala tulent_edited.jpg

Photo by @enrique5606

Cala Tuent

Wild and remote beach with magical views of the surrounding mountains. Great option for a quiet beach day away from the masses.

Sa Calobra

Beautiful beach with more mountain feels about it. Kinda hard to get to but worthwhile once you arrive and can jump in from some of the cliffs, or just laze about on the beach. 


Photo by @toniamasucci

Platja de Formentor

Truly unique and stunning beach in the far north west corner of the island. The drive down is spectacular and the beach set amongst the pine trees is a favourite of many. 

Cala Murta

Cala Murta is a beautiful, remote beach hidden deep inside a bay surrounding by cliffs. on the Formentor peninsula. Perfect for those who are adventurous enough to explore beyond Platja Formentor.

Mal Pas Bon Aire

Two beaches that are popular with many Alcudia residents, they don't disappoint and have an authentic beach vibes about them without being too populated.

Platja del muro_edited.jpg

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Platja de Muro

Largest sand beach on the island and therefore super popular with many. There are long stretches of space and shallow water perfect for all types of beachgoers. 


Na Patana

A very natural and authentic option on the north coast and one of the lesser populated beaches in the Can Picafort area.

Son serra de marina_edited.jpg

Photo by Traveler

Platja de Son Serra de Marina

This beautiful long beach is both stunning and popular with nudists. You can see why once arriving to a natural and wild setting with plenty of privacy. 


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Cales de betlem

Small coves with sand and rocks located on the entire coast of the village of Betlem, Artà. Another great option to go and avoid big crowds for a serene beach day.


Photo by Wikimedia

Cala des Matzoc

Wild beach 10 kilometers from Artá, this is another north coast beach that is both beautiful and worthwhile simply die to it's relative isolation. 

Cala torta.jpg

Photo by @reddevil847

Cala Torta

Yet another genuine, natural beach with no hotels or buildings nearby. Most people come from nearby Cala Mesquida to discover this little paradise.

Cala Mesquida

Long and sandy beach set with a backdrop of pine trees and sand dunes also extremely popular with anyone who journeys to the northeast of the island. 

Cala Agulla

A dreamy beach with clear and colourful water that can feel like the Caribbean. You can grab basic food options and it might get a little crowded but worth the visit.  

Playa de Canyamel

A blue flag beach in the holiday resort of Canyamel. More commerce built up around the beach but like so many others in the northeast the beauty of it will not disappoint.


Cala varques_edited.jpg

Photo by @rocky.reborn

Cala Varques

Set upon a quiet and secluded beach in a beautiful cove, surrounded rock formations and trees. No facilities on Cala Varques, just calm.

Cala es Domingos Grans

Pristine blue flag beach, Cala Domingos Gran is the most touristy beach near Manacor and can get crowded. 

Cala estreta_edited.jpg

Photo by @roserlabrana

Cala Estreta

Beautiful rock formations at Cala Estrata make up one of the many stunning east coast beaches. Located near Portocolom.

Cala Sa Nau

Small beach in a cosy little cove surrounded  by cliffs. A calming location that gets its fair share of visitors but is less crowded than some of the more well known east coast beaches.

Sa barca trencada_edited.jpg

Photo by fincallorca

Sa Barca Trencada

Fun little beach in a cove with low cliffs and pines on both sides of the beach. Perfect for a day out, with a restaurant and various small rocks to jump in the water from. 


Sandy beach further down near Santanyí, within the natural park of Mondragó. Pine forests provide that signature feeling of ocean meeting forest.

Cala santanyi_edited.jpg

Photo by mallorqueando

Cala Santanyí

Urban type beach with lots going on beyond the water but it's clean and calm, perfect for a day with the family. 


Photo byABCMallorca

Cala Llombards

Our top pick on the east coast. It's got pretty much everything. White sand, perfect, clear, turquoise waters. Jumping off spots, a small bar/restaurant. One of the best.

Caló del Moro

Simply stunning from a photography point of view. There's not a lot of room to place towels down but it's 100% worth the trek just to take in the breathtaking views.

Cala s'Alumnia_edited.jpg

Photo by @seeladanse

Cala s'Almunia

Just around the corner from Calo del Moro lies Cala s'Almunia. It's a close second behind Cala Llombards for us. Absolutely breathtaking and worth the 15 minute walk. Great cliff jumps also.

Es Caragol_edited.jpg

Photo by joanlluiscoll.

El Caragol

Moving around to the most southern tip of the island is El Caragol. It has authentic and natural vibes, less touristy and no facilities. 

Es Trenc

Part of the Natural Area of Special Interest Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos. It's very unique and runs about 10 km long with shallow and calm waters.

Cala maioris_edited.jpg

Photo by google

Cala Maioris

It's not your stereotypical stunning beach by any means but it's popular with locals for it's pleasant swimming conditions away from the crowds. 

Cala del portooixol_edited.jpg

Photo by @faby_top

Portixol brings us back around and close to Palma again. It's a hub of activity and had many admirers for the combination of bars, restaurants and swimming conditions.