🎤 5 questions with Victor Alarcón from Viti Vinci Fragrances

Instagram account worth following: @vitivinci, If you are interested in regenerative agriculture, emotional and spiritual health or high quality local artisan products from Mallorca this young and growing instagram account is for you.

Favorite place to swim: In Mallorca, up in the north close to the Cap of Formentor there are a couple beaches that have the most incredible underwater caves. My personal favorite, Cala Murta. I remember witnessing one of the most amazing sunsets while swimming around with some friends.

In the Balearic Islands, I’d have to choose Es Vedra. The feeling of staring down at hundreds of meters of depth is just incredible.

A place worth eating at: So many good places in the island… Sa Roqueta if you are craving true traditional Mallorquina cuisine, Brut if you are looking for great food and unique experience, Mercat Negre if you want to be surprised with supreme fish and seafood.

Who is making a product we should know about: Viti Vinci! A group of young and passionate scent scientists distilling the emotional programming capabilities of nature and creating wildcrafted handmade perfumes and cosmetics with local plants of the island of Mallorca.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: May for its green coloured fields and golden coloured sky.