Should I move to Mallorca?

So you’re thinking about moving to Mallorca? Do it! It’s fun. The nature is second to none. Amazing weather and a beautiful, relaxed culture. But before making any move you should be aware of what the costs are.

This guide is designed to give you some quick ball park approximations from someone who lives in Mallorca.


As with anywhere, prices vary wildly between modern and older dwellings. Rentals close to the sea are also often more expensive. There are also popular mountain towns like Soller and Deia where property is more expensive.

Generally speaking you could find an apartment in the hotspots near the ocean, in the mountains or the trendier parts of Palma for anywhere between €1,000 - €2,500 per month.

Houses are likely to be between €1,500 - €3,000+.

If you don’t mind moving somewhere in Mallorca’s interior and further away from the beaches or trending locations, you could find apartments between €500 - €1,200 and houses between €800 - €2,000.

General state of rentals

Do not expect lots of new construction. They do exist but come at a premium. Lots of stuff was built a long time ago. Some of it has charm, a lot of it doesn't. Heating is a big problem in winter. Parking is a bonus and probably most necessary if in Palma. Outside Palma you can easily find street parking.

How much should I be earning to live comfortably in Mallorca?

Completely subjective based on your lifestyle preferences but a reasonable ballpark figure would be 40,000 € per year, per household to enjoy a basic quality of life.

Distances and geography

Mallorca is a big island. There is a huge difference between living in Palma or the south west or the north west or the east coast. Do you prefer to be near the ocean? Or in the mountains? Or in wide open countryside? Driving from Palma to the furthest parts of the east or west can take an hour or more. Try to live as close as possible to either your place of work or where you want to play.

Do I need a car?

Most likely, yes. The island is huge. There is a bus system but you will have so much more freedom with a car.

How is the WIFI?

The WIFI is great in and around Palma, where most properties have fibre. See my current speed.

In the more remote areas outside Palma you can run into more trouble, with speeds regularly not exceeding 10 Mbps.

How much is a coffee and a pastry?

Expect to pay 4-8 €.

How much is a cocktail?

  • 3-5 € is a very good price

  • 5-7 € is typical

  • 8-10 € shouldn't surprise you in some places

How much is a normal meal (excluding chain fast food)?

  • 11-12 € is a very good price

  • 13-18 € is typical

  • 18-23 € shouldn't surprise you

Should I wait until I arrive to find a job?

It’s best to have a job lined up before you arrive. Plus if you are a non-EU citizen you will need to research your different visa options. The best hack there is for moving to Mallorca is to work remotely and bring your existing work with you.