Moving to Mallorca Guide

There are many things to consider when making the move to Mallorca. In this guide we share our experiences and provide tips and resources for helping you with visas, property and other important decisions.

Find a good legal service

A good lawyer will save you time from the moment you decide to move to Mallorca. Bureaucracy and overly complicated amounts of paperwork is a real thing in Spain. You can waste days, weeks and months attempting to make sense of all the paperwork.

There are many great law firms in Mallorca. One that we recommend is Castell Law. Castell is located in Palma and is focussed on serving international clients. Having a trusted lawyer to act on your behalf will help you in almost all aspects of relocating to Mallorca.

Immigration and Visas

Before you move to Spain you’ll need to consider which type of visa you should apply for.

The options available to you will differ depending on your citizenship. EU citizens and non-EU citizens will have different pathways to obtaining residency in Spain.

The Golden Visa is another popular option with people who are able to make significant investments in Spain either via property or business.

Getting a NIE Number and bank account

One of the first things you’ll need in Spain to do just about anything is a NIE number. This is your identity number with the Spanish tax office and opens up to everything else such as bank accounts, property, utilities and other purchases.

For bank accounts, there are many options. Traditional banks like BBVA, Santander and Sadabell are good options but expect lots of paperwork when setting things up.

All of these banks will be a good starting point for you to discuss mortgages and investments also.

Internet banks such as Revolut, Wise and N26 are growing in popularity and are much easier to manage via mobile apps. If you can receive your salary and pay bills via one of these, we would highly recommend them for efficiency.

Bizum is also a handy app for receiving and sending money to anyone in Spain.

Finding a home

Ultimately if you plan to stay and live in Spain for a significant amount of time then a property purchase is a great investment and can enhance your experience. It could also be your ticket to the Golden Visa.

We recommend renting for 12 months if you are newly arrived in Mallorca. It’s a big island with so many choices for choosing areas to live in. Some people prefer the buzz of Palma. Others prefer to be near the ocean and then you also have more remote countryside locations in the island’s interior. Everywhere has a different price point and advantages in regards to schools, facilities, and prices.

You can find good rental options by setting up alerts on Idealista. There are many good real estate agents that will help you find your dream home.

Once you are ready to purchase property, trusted legal service is extremely important. It is essential to be able to rely on legal advice that can help you navigate any language barriers and potential red flags.

Once you have purchased your new home, you should also consider setting up a Spanish Will to ensure your estate is in line with Spain's particular inheritance laws.

Health and education

Proximity to good international schools and hospitals or clinics can be an important factor for choosing a location in Mallorca, especially if you are moving with your family.

There are many options and they are located in different parts of the island. You can find a list of hospitals here and a list of international schools here.

Other practical tips and costs

We have written about some of the day to day costs and given examples for rent and other common expenses to help you get an understanding of how expensive Mallorcan can be.

Ok! So we’ve covered some of the more practical considerations for those of you considering moving to Mallorca. Be sure to check out our other content to discover all the amazing people, places and products you can find in Mallorca: