🎤 5 questions with Michelle Van Der Werff from Bolista Verde

Instagram account worth following: @cleanwavemovement! You must have seen the many public water fountains that have popped up in the city and on the rest of the island. Cleanwave.org is a Mallorcan non-profit organisation that fights for a plastic-free world. On their Instagram account you can follow all their initiatives and find best practices to live a more sustainable life yourself. They have a fantastic kids program as well, teaching the new generation how to take care of our precious island.

Favorite place to swim: Cap des Gegant close to Punta Negra. Such a picturesque little bay, bright blue waters, so peaceful… It reminds me of the Caribbean where I lived before I came to Mallorca, a true hidden gem. And all that only on a 15 minute ride from Palma!

A place worth eating at: There are tons!!! We’re so lucky in Palma and outside with the fantastic food options there are. I love a good after-work drinking spot, with a great tapas / snack menu that allows you to stay all night. Toque de Queda is one of them. Its setting, hidden in one of the narrow streets of the Old Town, and it’s great selection of local cheeses, hams etc. Just ticks all the boxes for me!

Who is making a product we should know about: I just love small local initiatives. I just got introduced to Sebastian Escalas who produces his own seitan. It’s not only ecologically certified but it’s also much better than any of the seitan products you can find in the shop. My chef has created some nice recipes with it, so the Bolsita Verde customers can enjoy this super local product in one of their evening meals.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: Difficult one!! Every month has its charm. But if I really have to choose, I would pick October. End of the season, still fantastic temperatures both for a dip in the sea and for a beautiful hike or bike-ride through the mountains. Lovely evenings spent outdoors, barbecues on the rooftop, drinks on a terrace in the city. What’s not to love?