🎤 5 questions with María José & Alessandro from mallorca fa ñam

Instagram account worth following: Coralviu. Their idea and commitment with the mediterranean sea is impressive. On top of it, the jewellery they produce are absolutely amazing and originals.

Favorite place to swim: It depends on whether I feel like, rocks orsand, I would say: Es cargol beach (even if you have to walk for awhile), Son Verí Nou and, Cala Varquez.

A place worth eating at: Um the beach house. Amazing quality of food and spectacular view of the mediterranean sea. Another place I love, more easy going than the previous one, is El Ceiboin Santa Ponsa.

Who is making a product we should know about: If you are into support and help local business and local products, you should give achance to Pecolo APP. They define themself the "amazon of local business" , trying to connect local consumers and producers through their app.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: May and october. Best time to enjoying the island with very good weather and not so busy places.