🎤 5 questions with Lucia Maraver from ALKARI KRAFT

Instagram account worth following: Instagram account worth following: Another__Kindis an account by James Chester, I have been following since the very beginning. I find a certain nostalgia in his imagery and

sense of aesthetic, I feel really related to his language and it's always a source of inspiration.

Favorite place to swim: I love Cala Mondragó. There are about 5 calas next to each other, each one more stunning than the other, turquoise waters, rocks and sand. and some beautiful natural parks to explore all around. I feel purified whenever I swim in this oasis.

A place worth eating at: A place that has lately blown my mind is Sumaq ubicated in Santa Catalina by Irene Gutierrez the food is a fusion of cultures although the predominant is the Perubian. It's a real culinary experience every dish is delicious.

Who is making a product we should know about: There are a lot of talented artisan in the island right now, to name some of the them, Gaadart is making beautiful garments out of old fabrics from Mallorca bringing back a sense of tradition and heritage, ___Shibumi is a nurse from Soller that has her own brand of beautiful jewellery using river pearls and murano glass perfect compliment for summer super chic and fun, Roca Boira makes embroidered bags each one is unique and a work of art itself.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: Best month in Mallorca for me would be August, it is the wildest month here. The energy is very high and it feels like everything is possible

as well. It's my birthday so I'm usually very excited.