🎤 5 questions with Lizzie Grahm from Naturacavall & Wild Guide Balearics

Instagram account worth following: Definitely! Check out the posts on our @naturacavall page posted by Marie -Luisa Müller - Rochholz her graphic design has a very playful and creative vibe, we all enjoy seeing how she designs unique promotions for each ride or event with a fun original twist. My sister Anna Deacon is a well known photographer journalist and writer in the UK and I love her Instagram page about wild swimmers @wildswimmingstories. We work together on the social media for the book we wrote together @wildguidebalearics. It's fun thinking of stories to post and picking out photos and videos together, especially now the book is finished and we’re missing our research adventures looking for wild and wonderful places throughout the islands for the book.

Favorite place to swim: I love swimming down at Cala Matzoc. We usually ride over there from my finca up in Llevant natural park. The reason I love it so much is that there is no car access so only hikers, cyclists and riders can get there. I often take the horses in for a swim and the dogs too.

A place worth eating at: I love so many places! Arta has the biggest selection in my area and my family loves going out to Sorentino’s or Mar de Vins as they both have such a cozy friendly vibe. On horseback we ride to Sa Duia where the views are INCREDIBLE and of course Es Verger, which is half way up the road to Alaro Castle.

Who is making a product we should know about: Well my sister and I just wrote a book you should know about called Wild Guide Balearic Islands. It describes wild, hidden and unusual places on Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The book was produced by Wild Things Publishing and includes beautiful maps, photos and recommendations.

Also at we offer some pretty amazing experiences including vineyard tours at Macia Battle's private estate on horseback. I can totally recommend the delicious wine tasting sessions...

Best month of the year in Mallorca: I love the winter! Everyone packs away the sun beds at the end of November and the beaches are nearly empty right through til Easter. This means we have access to the beaches on horseback and can ride from our stables through the valley and along all the long white sandy stretches of coastline from Son Serra to Alcudia and from there ride up into the mountains. Winter is also best as the islands have time to recover from all the holiday crowds yet the sun is still shining! If I have to pick a month I think it would have to be December.