🎤 5 questions with Lilla & Peter from Our Yoga Mind

Instagram account worth following:

  • @beachfitsocial Beside of our yoga teachings we also share our passion for fitness on the beach. At Beach Fit Social you will find some motivational content which might encourage you to move more, especially at these beautiful places in nature on the island.

  • @savastis Gintare shares her love for music and sounds in a very heart-warming way. We have experienced her Sound experience sessions several times, and it always brings magical vibes into our life. She also posts amazing landscapes as she is located in Deia.

  • @joshua_yoga Joshua teaches his special AcroFlow method on the island, and knows plenty about the anatomy of the body and the right techniques. We love to visit his classes or simply watch his flows.

  • @agneskruyoga Agnes brings yoga teachers together and created a community here in Mallorca, which we are very grateful for. You can find some really informative content if you are into yoga, on her Instagram and Facebook Group.

  • @ouryogamind Yoga is our lifestyle and we truly belive in the union of mind, body and soul, so here you can follow our journey on that life-long path. We love to create a constantly growing community where we can raise the vibration together in a colourful way.

Favorite place to swim: Punta Negra after Son Caliu. This was one of our first beach which we have visited 6 years ago when we arrived to the island. And that was the fisrt place where we have seen an octopus during snorkelling. The road is rocky to get to the spot, but we always returned with nice memories from that little bay.

A place worth eating at:

  • @donnaveganacafe Donna's passion for vegan food is incredible and she is extremely creative. She impresses everyone, regardless if you are vegan or not, you will immediately fall in love with the tastes and flavours!

  • @ahimsa.plantbased Belen who runs this lovely cafe welcomes everyone with an opened-heart and you will be amazed how talented is she. Every single dish on the menu is perfectly planned for your well-being.

Who is making a product we should know about: We do some home-made cosmetics which we sell locally (bodybutter and lip balms). As we have tried to reduce the amount of toxins we intake in our daily life, we found a natural way to create these vegan products where we use 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: Our favourite part of the year is always around at the beginning (April, May) and at the end of the season (September, October). We love to be here on the island during the winter too, when everything is more quiet and we can experience the beauties of Mallorca in a more relaxed way.