🎤 5 questions with Lili Devo from Lili Devo

Instagram account worth following: Mine @lilidevo - Paintings, Illustrations - Murals. @thealarobeehive - A group of creative people, always supporting artists, artisans and locals. (they are great)

Favorite place to swim: How difficult! There are many beautiful places! Very early in the morning I like Cala Blava, is perfect during the week, but I also have to say that I love touring the island, I always find new secret spots.

A place worth eating at: Love the food and the people behind (Ruth and Eran) of @santoshapalma, @Rikito and @dukerestaurant in Santa Catalina & @lluisperezpastisser in Calle Bonaire 14.Luckily all close to home!

Who is making a product we should know about: Lots of people to discover.I always try to choose natural and local products.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: I always like the island, but I prefer it before and after the summer season.