🎤 5 questions with Katie Handyside from Katie Handyside Training

Instagram account worth following: Instagram account worth following: Well mine of course !!!! Top tips on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle...with some dog stuff! I post workouts, recipes and benefits of exercise and eating on keeping you young, fit and healthy! I also like to answer any questions people may have to get them out of a pickle!

Otherwise I follow other fitness guru’s, I also like yoyobike! He’s funny. And I love biking

Favorite place to swim: Outside my house only because the water is always crystal clear, and I can run upstairs and shower afterwards - I'm not really one for lying on the beach. Previously I would go to the military beach in Illetas or swim around the island and I also love the east coast because the water is always slightly cooler. I prefer a chilly water to a bath tub water.

A place worth eating at: My house? (jejejej) oooo another tricky one, depends what mood i'm in. Great steaks and unbelievable steak tartar at Vivo in Santa Ponsa - beautiful food overall. Great fish again at the seafood restaurant in Santa Ponsa directly by the sea along the promenade (the name slips my mind but it is a fish restaurant). Lovely salmon tartar at Ibizza in Magaluf. Great fish restaurant down in Port Adriano - huge portions - its the last one at the end before you hit the car park. For traditional Spanish/Mallorquín food you cannot beat C’an Pedros.

Who is making a product we should know about: Oooo that’s a tricky one... @island_treasures_mallorca handmade body care products using locally sourced ingredients

Best month of the year in Mallorca: October of course - my birthday month !!!!!!! I actually love all the months and when I live in a house with central heating I will also enjoy the winter. Unfortunately since living here in 2004 I have never lived in a warm winter house. At the moment I live front line with the most beautiful view in the world and access to the sea but in winter getting out of bed is cold, showering is freezing and I walk around with my jacket on inside - in fact when I open up the door to go outside I have to take my jacket off because it s warmer!!