🎤 5 questions with Holly Veneman from Open Door Marketing

Instagram account worth following: Creative entrepreneurial local women for sure!

  • Esther is a Mallorquín sculptress/artist. She is currently representing Spain in the Kiruna Snow Festival carving out a huge snow block. The last time she went to this competition her team (she and another Spanish woman) won!

  • Sandra is a successful architect and interior designer.

  • Port Andratx is alive and vibrant all year round with Betina´s new shop featuring quality, mostly local, goods of all kinds.

  • Someone´s gaze in watercolor or oil as seen through Angeles’ eyes.

  • Keeping the Mallorquín palm weaving tradition alive.

  • Oh to be young! Living between Berlin and Mallorca, this DJ, painter, creative lives a crazy life - in a strangely grounded sort of way.

Favorite place to swim: The Mal Pas beach in Alcudia or anywhere on the island that is accessible only because you are wearing those very ugly rubber swimming shoes. Mine are turquoise and pink.

A place worth eating at: Es Taller. I like the experience of driving up the mountain to Valledemosa for tapas made with local ingredients in a creative fun open space

Who is making a product we should know about: When you are as bad of a cook as I am, adding color to a dish with edible flowers is a lifesaver. Heidi produces organic color explosions. Her degree in biology together with her dependable nature, trained palate, and expert culinary skills make her the very best provider on Mallorca of this fun product.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: January. Hands down. On my birthday, I am always sitting on a terrace in the sunshine or hiking the Sierra Tramontana to celebrate. It is too cold to swim, but visiting the beauty of the sea during “las calmas de enero” is a must.