Guide To Sant Elm

Sant Elm is one of our favourite summer spots on the island. Calm village vibes, amazing food, and some of the best swimming conditions on Mallorca.

Where is Sant Elm

You’ll need a car. It’s a 45 minute drive from Palma, heading west past Andratx into the very far south west corner of the island.

Swimming in Sant Elm

Whether you arrive by car or boat, we think Sant Elm is one of the prettiest swimming spots on the whole island. There’s a small sandy beach opposite the car park area as you arrive by car. Our tip is to walk through the town and find yourself one of the rocks tucked away just around from the Es Raor restaurant. Many small boats also come to drop anchor in the bay here as the swimming conditions are close to perfect.

You can also take ferry or private board out around the Sa Dragonera island from Sant Elm to further explore some of the uninhabited beaches.

Hiking in Sant Elm From Sant Elm that heads to the abandoned Trappist monastery of Sa Trapa, a round trip of around 3 hours through coastal maquis and pine trees with some of the finest views of Sa Dragonera. From here you can see that the island really looks like a dragon coming out of the sea, hence its name. There is also a shorter 2.5 km walk, more suitable for families, to Torre de Cala Basset, another great place to appreciate the views over the protected islet.

Perfect for the offseason when temperatures are cooler.

Eating in Sant Elm Na Caragola every time. It’s a humble restaurant overlooking the sea with top service and the freshest seafood around. Try the mussels and boqueronies.

Living in Sant Elm

There’s not much by way of hotels in Sant Elm which is what makes it so appealing. Try Airbnb for short stays. If you were considering a more permanent move to Sant Elm you would need to be prepared for a very quiet winter. Whilst summer months would be one of our top picks to live, the winter will be dead. There’s also a lot of distance to practical things like gyms, larger supermarkets and Palma/Airport.