Guide To Portals Vells

Where is Portals Vells?

A beautiful, uncrowded cove in the south west of the island. It’s a bit harder to find than many of the well known south west options but worth the effort.

About Portals Vells

We recently discovered Portals Vells as it had been recommended by multiple people in our interviews. You’ll notice on the map it’s quite close to Magaluf but once you arrive it could not feel further away from the parties and crowds just a few beaches east.

Portals Vells feels completely secluded. Only a 20 minute drive from Palma, once you pass Magaluf you enter a small and winding road immersed in nature. Eventually you arrive to Portals Vells to find a beautiful cove, turquoise waters and a sandy beach.

How’s the parking at Portals Vells?

There is a small car park right at the entry to the beach and limited street parking so you’ll need to be early in peak summer months to grab yourself a spot.

What are the swimming and suntanning conditions like?

Swimming conditions are excellent. Crystal clear water that is clam and accessible both via the beach and off the rocks. Typically it deosn’t feel crowded either, due to it being harder to reach than other beaches and with the limited parking available.

For suntanning, there are a handful of sunbeds for rent but you have plenty of space to throw a towel down. The unique thing about Portal Vells is the large flat rock formations that surround the cove. Unlike a lot of Mallorca’s beaches where sharp jagged rockformations prevent you from laying down, Portals Vells has a lot of room on both sides of the cove. So you’ll always find yourself a comfortable spot to lay down and catch the sun.

Are there any bars or restaurants at Portal Vells?

Yes, there is a very simple beach restaurant on Portal Vells. You can read about it here. It’s super simple so don’t go with high expectations but you can order from a basic menu. We’d recommend packing your own cooler bag though.

What type of crowds do you get at Portal Vells?

Portals Vells is suitable for everyone. It’s easy to access via the carpark and its calm waters and long stretches of flat rock make it suitable for any type of visitor.

What else is there to do at Portals Vells?

Hike - bring some shoes and explore the cliff walking trails in either direction. There are lots of other great beaches to explore nearby if you’re up for it. Playa del Mago and Cap Falco are two that we would recommend.

Hotels nearby Portals Vells

We recommend the Hospes Maricel, about 15 minutes back towards Palma.