🎤 5 questions with Emma Boardman from The Table Club Mallorca

Instagram account worth following: This is a very interesting question as this week I got hacked and have been locked out of all my social media accounts. From memory I love following @natyoga_007 I am not a yogi, I'm actually scared of the word, but if there was anyone in the world who could convince me to do more yoga it would be the Delicious Natalia. I fantasise that by watching her account I subliminally become more flexible! Imagine that!

Favorite place to swim: In the Alaro village, we have an enormous open-air lido, which is amazing to swim in, especially in the summer mornings when it's almost empty. For sea swimming my favourite spot is off the rocks in Bonaire, Alcudia. It's magical. Ssshhhh.

A place worth eating at: I love Tast Club Palma, it always feels so special and exclusive, yet also warm and buzzy. It’s hidden away down a tiny side street with no signage making it notoriously hard to find, but once you know, you know.

Who is making a product we should know about: My personal favourite is the new natural brand created by @Viveco, called @Oeshun. They've created a fabulous natural range of hand soaps, body wash and room spray in conjunction with Trudi from Gaia natural products. It's designed for yachts and villas and it's very very special and smells divine

Best month of the year in Mallorca: For me, it has to be October, the madness has left the island and it's often still warm enough for lingering beach days, on quiet and empty beaches. There's also the anticipation that it's cooling down soon so you're ultra appreciative of the beautiful weather.