🎤 7 questions with Elspeth Storrar from Girls Get Strong Cycling

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do: I’m Elspeth and moved to the beautiful island of Mallorca for the love of cycling. I developed my own cycling here and started racing professionally in Mallorca and mainland Spain over my time here. I own Girls Get Strong Cycling where we help women get stronger at cycling and connect with other female cyclists, through our online cycle coaching and our amazing cycling camps based in Mallorca. Instagram account worth following: @girlsgetstrongcycling & @elspethgetsstrong

Favorite place to swim: To be honest anywhere after a bike ride in the summer. I can’t say that I get to swim too much anymore, it used to be a great passion, but cycling has taken over. I used to swim everyday in London and it was great social connection. I lacked that when I arrived in Mallorca so I set up a Facebook group where the group meet every Saturday in Cala Major, I think the group as still meeting every Saturday.

A place worth eating at: Well again as a cyclist, we like to eat. But I can recommend Sellar Sa Sini in Santa Maria, not only in Santa Maria will you not look out of place in your cycling kit, but Bar Sini claims to have the best cafes in Mallorca and I think that they live up to their name. They Also offer great pizza in a traditional Mallorcan building.

Who is making a product we should know about: Well as a cyclist check out @bicimetrics_mallorca he’s a bike fitter and makes great custom insoles that can sort out a whole heap of niggles. He now has a 3D printer, so they are completely customisable.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: I actually love January and February. It can feel a bit cold at time and you need to put a few layers on to go cycling, but it’s so peaceful and you know that you are going to be cycling under the sunshine. I just know how miserable the winters were back in London. What is one other secret/great tip about Mallorca that you'd like to share with our readers?: Pollensa is generally the popular spot for cyclist to go. But personally I would recommend staying close to Palma, not only will you close to the airport, there is a direct bus, but you can experience a bit of a city break and the culture of Palma with great restaurants and shops. Also, you are still are in very close proximity to the mountains.