🎤 5 questions with Elena from Biznaga Atelier

Instagram account worth following: There are so many interesting IG accounts here in the island worth a follow. As a person that values handcrafts and supports local business I would suggest to follow In Palma, it's a beautiful magazine about Mallorca (3 languages: Spanish, English and German). Each edition has a theme to show the artisans, places, objects and traditions from the island. For art and exhibitions in Palma a must is the gallery Aba Art Lab.

Favorite place to swim: One of my favourites is Cala Tuent for the amazing crystal clear water and it's views + environment that surrounds it, the Sierra Tramuntana.

A place worth eating at: For a nice coffee and brunch La Molienda, La Finca, Plumo, Mama Carmen, Café Riutort (there are so many in Palma! I'm sure I'm missing more) and then for a meal definetly Temple Natura (such a nice garden and veggie food), for an amazing burger Raimundo Burguer (they convert any to a veggie burger), La mujer de verde (delicious veggie food), Muaré Cantina,Toque de Queda, La Juanita Cuina Fresca, and much more.

Who is making a product we should know about: Love this question although a difficult one to answer, as there are so many good products in the island. Regarding fine ceramics Paparkone, Balceramics, Irene Forteza and Jaume Roig. If you are into handcrafted furniture with a great design Studio Jaia and 2 Monos Studio. Turning to textile work: Adriana Meunié, Stephie M., Open Studio 79 (OS79) and Tinctorum. One of my favourites are essential oils from Juana Cavanes (na juana). Photography and more: The Apartment Man and Kiliart. Finally, perfumes from Ambergris Parlour and ethical clothes at Suite 13 Lab.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: I would say May and September, really nice weather, not too warm. It's the perfect time to enjoy at the sea and the mountains!