🎤 5 questions with Debbie Lash from Yoga Block Sock & Debbi Lash Yoga

Instagram account worth following: After living in Los Angeles for 7 years, I was surrounded and inspired by so many incredible people within the wellness industry. One woman in particular who resonated with me was @chelseykorus. To me she is the real deal; as a yogi she really walks the walk and talks the talk. She is incredibly disciplined and I’m so inspired by women like her. Those who are both strong physically and mentally and then add in spiritual strength and you have the full package.

Since moving to Mallorca, I feel super inspired by high concept lifestyle and interior design - I find it quite easy to visualise myself recreating some of these pages in my own home! check out @mallorcahideaway for one of my favourites. Beautiful styling ideas that feel achievable and natural

Favorite place to swim: Because there are so many hidden gems on this stunning island it is tough to narrow down a favourite place. I visited Platja de Cala Agulla during both winter and summer and both times made my jaw drop.

A place worth eating at: In Palma, I think everyone needs to eat at El Camino as they have the most exquisite tapas on the island. I love the vibe of everyone being seated at the bar. Plus its special for my husband and I!!

Who is making a product we should know about: Well I am actually making a yoga product myself that I would love to share. It’s call the YOGA BLOCK SOCK and it’s a washable cover for your block. The studio's shared yoga blocks are a hygiene minefield passing through thousands of hands and feet absorbing sweat, germs and cleansing sprays. They are currently only available in the USA but we but we in talks to bring it to Europe very soon. Check out our website Yoga Block Sock or instagram @yoga.block.sock let me know what you think?

Best month of the year in Mallorca: I think September. I’m definitely a sun seeker and enjoy the heat but it's always more pleasant once the school holidays are over. The beaches are quieter and the hot days are just a little bit more bearable.