🎤 7 questions with David Lee Lurey from Find Balance

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do: I'am American born with Mediterranean roots on one half and Eastern European on the other half. I have lived on Mallorca for 14 years having been invited for work and stayed for love. I have been a full time Yoga teacher and musician since 2000 with many global experiences from leading teacher trainings, retreats and workshops to presenting at some of Europe’s biggest Yoga conferences & festivals. In 2017, I started to shift away from classical Yoga towards more functional movement and I include lots of styles & modalities in what I teach. Musically, I focus on Mantras and heart songs and I also love to grab the guitar for a jam session of Dylan, Paul Simon, Pearl Jam and beyond.In the last 4 years, my attention has moved towards permaculture, regenerative agriculture and growing food here on Mallorca. In the last few years, I also co-organize @ecstaticdancemallorca hosting monthly dances with no shoes, no talking, no alcohol or drugs and amazing eclectic electronic music. Instagram account worth following:

  • @mirjamwagneryin - a wonderful Yoga teacher and inspiration (and my beloved wife)

  • @adamguerrero - Mallorca based singer / songwriter who shares incredible original music

  • @danielsonicrojas - Movement specialist recently relocated to the island. I train with him often and feel huge expansion in many aspects of my practices

  • @paulstamets - the magical world of Mushrooms & Mycilium

  • @denischerim - Madrid based photographer capturing ‘Coincidental Moments’

Favorite place to swim: I am a creature of habit and fell in love with Es Trenc when I first arrived to the island, so I still love that walk towards the beach and to the sea. We go early in the morning to get parking and usually leave by 12-13h when the wind picks up or sun gets strong. Living in Establiments, I also love the convenience of Illetas, following the same rhythm; early arrival / early departure.

A place worth eating at: Once again, as a creature of habit, I don’t stray too far from what I know and love.

I am omnivorous in my eating habits so I know these require a broader spectrum of diet, but for those who ‘eat it all’… these places are great!

Who is making a product we should know about:

  • @CircleCarbonlabs makes BioChar that has literally supported the recovery of many trees on our land.

  • @juan_a_canaves makes essential oils and leads tours to learn about Mallorca’s natural plants

  • @blissfulbastards has a few flavors of ’Nutoria’ that keep my sweet tooth and snaking habits satisfied

  • Cereria Candela, Sylvia’s home made candles make our home smell incredible and other ones keep the mosquitos away!

Best month of the year in Mallorca: October - The heat has subsided, hopefully the Gota Fria has kissed the dry Earth with her wet rain. The sea is still warm and there comes a perfect temperature for planting Autumn/Winter vegetables and garden projects. What is one other secret/great tip about Mallorca that you'd like to share with our readers?: For those who love to dance but don’t love the ambience of clubs, our Ecstatic Dance Mallorca community is a great refuge. In the summer, we host dances on Friday evenings that usually start with a singing circle. In the Winter months, we host our events on Saturday mornings. The music is always a wide range of upbeat, downtempo, groovy and sometimes sentimental. The no talking part makes it a personal journey and hopefully allows everyone to make it their own experience.

And finally, I have made ‘friends’ with some very kind hearted people around Palma and beyond. I had to adapt to a more Spanish way of interacting at the supermarket, hardware store, gasolinera, etc...; more than just ‘Hello / Good Bye.’ And in taking those few extra minutes to ask about people, to listen to them and to really hear them I have learned a great deal more of Castellano and more importantly, built bridges between humans who come from different lives. Most Mallorquines I know appreciate that extra touch of engaging on a personal level and it has built a beautiful network of kind souls all living on this special island.