🎤 5 questions with Anna Carrascal & Matías Ponsico from Huemul Leather

Instagram account worth following: We recently discovered the videos of Chloé of @aufilduglobe and pictures of @analuiphotography.

Favorite place to swim: As we live in the north-east of the island, we’ll say Na Clara after a walk with our dog Babas and Cala Torta but there are so many gorgeous beaches. It’s very difficult to choose.

A place worth eating at:

Who is making a product we should know about: @crownofthevagabond with their dreamy handmade hats and the pottery of @laccentnou and you should know about our handmade leather accessories, of course! ;)

Best month of the year in Mallorca: May and October. It’s not crowded but still some people around and the sun is shinning and also it’s when the island is amazingly beautiful.