🎤 5 questions with Mon from Adesiara

Instagram account worth following: There are so many Instagram accounts that I think are worth following, because of their aesthetics, their content, their work, their rhythm, their colours, their soul and their looking behind… So many IG accounts that I follow them since years ago and another ones newer that I just discovered. That’s the magic of this social media: it gives us the opportunity to be connecting continuously with a lot of different profiles that enrich you and empowered you to keep on your virtual community. But if I had to choose one of them, this would be La Escuela Artesana. This woman tribe offers the chance to learn contemporary chaft techniques typical from Mallorca throw different types of workshops. It’s a pleasure to keep the essence of the Island alive in this way.

Favorite place to swim: Impossible to say just one! Mallorca has the magical trust that every corner of the island is different. So, I will tell you one of my favourite places to swim for every cardinal point: Cala Murta (North), Port des Canonge (West), El Delta (South) and Cala Sa Nau (East).

A place worth eating at: Just because of their setting is such an incredible experience and their meal so wonderful, I would say: Terragust, Noah’s,L’escrivania and Es Grau.

Who is making a product we should know about: So difficult to tell you about just one again. There are different artisans and farmers that I admire and that I love their products: first, the wooden crafts from Con Alma Design. Second, the yummiest honey from Mel Es Begot.Third, the loveliest deco from Ca’n Garanya. And finally, the most freshly-eco-local fruits and vegetables from Botiga Coanegra.

Best month of the year in Mallorca: Every month in the island has its own singularities, but for me, the best months are June, September and October. Beaches are cleaner, not so crowded, and the weather is so nice and soft.