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Benefits For You

Reach thousands of potential customers

We tell your story on The Mallorcan's website with a compelling, visual profile of your business. Reach a loyal audience looking for trusted recommendations and new search traffic from Google.

Amplify your brand's story via our email newsletter and IG

We will create a 1,000 word feature story about your business. This is emailed to our list on a standalone newsletter with an audience looking to discover new businesses on Mallorca.

Join an exclusive community of Mallorca's best brands

We give you access to online + offline members-only conversations and events. Meet, collaborate and share tips with each other about living in and growing a business in Mallorca.

The Mallorcan Growth Story

Launch of the Mallorcan email newsletter

We created the Mallorcan to help spread the word about amazing local businesses. Serving a niche audience of residents in Mallorca and people looking to move to or visit to Mallorca. Our vision was to give a voice to local residents as we believe they have the best tips to share about the island.

Published "Top 50 Most Interesting People In Mallorca"

We created the top 50 to draw attention to an amazing group of entrepreneurs and creators on the island. This post blew up and we got discovered by a large audience and received validation for our content.

Launch of the Mallorcan website

We launched the Mallorcan website to share all of the great content and information we gathered via the newsletter & interviews. This quickly gave us a lot of search traffic via Google. 

Partnering with Fantastic Frank

Partnered up with the amazing real estate agent Fantastic Frank. We were delighted that they had followed our newsletter & loved the format and simplicity. 

Launch of the Mallorcan for Business

Motivated to help businesses grow, we set up the Mallorcan for Business. Helping businesses on the island tell their stories told to the amazing audience we had built up and continuing the overall growth of our media platform.

Wall of Love

"Love waking up and getting your inspiring newsletter in my inbox. Love the format and the content"

- @perfectfinca

"Thank you for spreading all the interesting things and people of the island. I love to read your news"

- Yasmin

"This newsletter & website helped us to discover the island and fall in love with the place"

- Gabriella

"I love this email called the Mallorcan, about life in Mallorca"

- Marc from Letterlist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions that you can't find answers for here, just send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Meet the founders of the Mallorcan

We are Ida & Luke. We created the Mallorcan at the start of 2021 on a mission to build a media brand with the most trusted advice about Mallorca.

Luke Ryan_edited.jpg

Luke Jakobson

Luke is Australian and has a background in startups and email marketing, having led email and growth strategies for several fast-growing brands in the US and Europe.

Ida Jakobson_edited.jpg

Ida Jakobson

Ida is from Sweden originally and has a background in sales and business development from several Swedish brands.

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